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Mensaje  Alice Cullen el Sáb Jul 04, 2009 8:39 pm

Este es mi fan fic... pero esta en ingles. este es el primer capitulo

Chapter 1


Today was my first day at kindergarten. I was eager to meet a lot of new friends. Maybe I would get a bestie-best- friend for me to play with. I got up from my little bed and opened my closet. Mommy wanted me to use my new polka dot pink dress, but I hate pink.

I tossed it away, wishing Mommy wouldn’t notice. I got out my new jeans and a t-shirt. Yup! That sure was comfy. I yelled for Renee, my mom, to come and comb my hair. Once she was done I went down to eat my breakfast. I grabbed my lunchbox and headed towards Mommy’s car. I was so excited to get to school I opened my door so quickly, I was inside in less than 5 seconds.

Mommy got inside and started the car, “Bella, calm down. You’re so excited to go to school.” She chuckled.

“Yes! I want to get there, NOW!”

“Whoa, honey. I can’t drive that fast,”

After a few more minutes, we finally arrived. Then, I felt it. I wasn’t excited at all now. I was scared. What if people didn’t like me? No, no.

It seemed Mommy noticed, “Bella, honey, what’s wrong?”

“I– Mommy, I can’t do this!” I managed to squeak out while I buried my head into her chest.

She stroked my mahogany hair, “Oh, sweetie. You can. You’ll make a lot of new friends,” she said before she kissed my forehead.

“Now, come on before it’s late.”

We got out of the car and I took a look at the school in front of me. It looked …fun. Maybe it would be.

When we got inside, kids were running everywhere. I smiled at myself. I liked to run.

I looked around and looked up at my mommy while holding her hand. She smiled and led me towards a tall, skinny woman.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said in a high pitched voice, “What’s your name, darling?”

This woman is kind of weird, I thought. “Um, Bella. Bella Swan,” I stuttered.

“Bella?” she asked, “Oh, right. Isabella, you mean.”

“She prefers Bella,” my mom interrupted.

“Right,” the woman smiled a cheesy smile, “Of course she does.”

My mom glared at her, but she didn’t seem to care. Instead, she continued talking, “My name is Mrs. Fisher. Follow me, honey.”

She gestured me toward a tiny classroom with tons of toys. “Wow,” I sighed.

“Well, I have to go now, Bells,” my mom said.

“Oh, right. Bye, Mommy!” I hugged her and kissed her cheek.

She turned around and headed towards the door. Before I could react, there was already a girl with pigtails in front of me, “Hi, I’m Alice Cullen. And you are?”

“Bella,” and before I could keep talking, Alice was already dragging me across the room. She stopped, and I looked around. She had taken me towards a group of boys and girls.

“Bella, this is Emmett,” she gestured toward a big kid, “He’s my brother,”

“You can call me Super Emmett,” he said. I giggled.

“Jasper,” Alice continued as she pointed to a tall blond, “he’s Emmett’s best friend.”

“Hi, Bella. You can call me Super Jasper,” he said. I giggled again.

“Rose,” Alice pointed to a beautiful blonde. She looked a lot like Jasper, “She’s Jasper’s sister,” Oh, that’s why they looked so similar.


“And, that over there is Edward,” Alice pointed to a tall bronze haired boy, with bright green eyes, “He’s my brother, too.”

He came over and said, “Hello, Bella. You can call me Edward,” he smiled and made me blush.

“Or Eddie,” Emmett interrupted.

“No. Not Eddie” said Edward.

“Okay, you can all call me Bella. Not Isabella,” I said. I smiled at Edward and he returned a crooked grin.

“Okay, Alice. Are you finished?” Edward asked.

“Um, I think so– no wait, look over there,” she said, “That girl is called Jessica, I think. If I could just tell her to come over and meet you–,”

“No, Alice!” Emmett, Jasper and Rose said at the same time.

“Okay, okay. It was just an option,”

“Yeah, c’mon, Al.” Jasper told her and grabbed her hand.

“Oooh,” Rose sang.

Soon they all joined in, “Jasper and Alice, sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.”

Jasper gave Emmett a playful punch and Alice stuck her tongue out.

We all laughed and Jasper and Alice went to the playground while Rosalie and Emmett read a book. That left Edward and me alone.

“So,” he started, “How old are you?”


“I am 3 also,” He smiled. “Why are your cheeks all pink?”

“I blush a lot,”

“Oh…” he said.

“Hey!” Someone called. I turned around and found a girl with curls and a blonde. They were really pretty.

“Um…hey,” I replied.

“No, not you.” The blonde said, “Him.”

“Me?” Edward asked.

“Yes,” the two girls giggled.

“What about me?” he asked.

“What’s your name?” The one with curls said.

“Ed…ward?” he separated his name in a confused way.

“Well, Eddie,” The blonde said, “I’m Lauren and she is Jessica,”

“Ok,” Edward replied simply. “And don’t call me Eddie, please.”

“Mhmm, well, anyways, we wanted to know if you wanted to play with us,” Jessica said.

“Play? What?” Edward asked.

Jessica and Lauren giggled, “Well, husband and wife, of course,”

“Er…no thanks. I’m playing with Bella. Sorry,” I tried to hide a smile.

“Bella? That would be…her?” Lauren’s voice asked with disgust.

“Yeah,” I replied, I tried to be nice, “I really like your hair,”

“Everyone does. I don’t like yours,” She grinned evilly.

“Don’t talk to Bella like that!” Edward growled.

“What?” Lauren asked arrogantly, “I was just being honest. I honestly don’t like her hair.”

“Well, I do.” Edward muttered. “Come on, Bella. Let’s go find Alice.”

Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the door. “Are you okay?” he asked once we were outside.

“Yeah, I think so.” I replied.

“Well, what do you want to play?” Before I could answer he said, “Wait, you don’t think I have cooties, do you?”

I laughed, “No.”

“Good,” He ran his pale hand through his tousled hair, “Please tell me you don’t want to play husband and wife,”

“No, I don’t. Someday I will…”

“Of course you will,” He grinned.

I picked up a dirty soccer ball from the grass, “What about we play soccer?” I asked.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Well I live with Alice and she is all about pink and girly stuff…”

“I’m not. I like soccer, and I can probably beat you,”

Edward laughed, “Ha, ha. As if! You can’t beat me.”

We played for a lot of time and I was already winning 5-3. I fell a few times, of course, but Edward was still being a bad loser. He asked for round 2 and even round 3 until he finally gave up and congratulated me for winning. I knew he was going to be my friend. But a REALLY GOOD friend.
Alice Cullen

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Re: Inseparable

Mensaje  Emmett Cullen el Lun Jul 06, 2009 7:46 pm


no soy buena en ingles...

no lo podrias poner en español??

Emmett Cullen

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Re: Inseparable

Mensaje  Alice Cullen el Mar Jul 07, 2009 4:50 pm

Sip, luego si puedo lo tradusco. =)
Alice Cullen

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Re: Inseparable

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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